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Millimeter wave body treatment machine

Millimeter wave body treatment machine
  • Millimeter wave body treatment machine
  • Millimeter wave body treatment machine
  • Millimeter wave body treatment machine

Model: MW-001
Millimeter wave therapy
no pain, no infection, no medication
for cancer, tumor, diabetes, prostate

Product Detail

Therapy of  millimeter wave therapy machine
the biological effects of millimeter wave is based on the physical properties. far - infrared and millimeter wave is close to each other on the electromagnectic spectrum distribution map, its physical properties is not only having common microwave, but also has the following characteristics:
1, the wavelength of millimeter wave is short, belongs to rectilinear propagation, can reflect , refract and absorb;
2, Quantum energy of millimeter wave is not able to cut off chemical bond, it belongs to Non-ionizing radiation;
3, Millimeter wave can be absirbed by tissue with high water content, the depth of penetration is small, usually 70% of the energy is in the 300um issue, means absorbed by the skin epidermis dermis.

Feature of millimeter wave therapy machine
1 Painless, without infection, without medication
2 No radiation, no heat damage, no side effect
3 Safe, have two-ways regulation effect
4 Can adjust or restore patients' immune function, improve the disease resistance
5 High effect, good long-term curative effect, not easy to reappear
6 not only used in medical, but also ideal for the average family home medical equipment.
Main function of millimeter wave therapy machine
1, Effectively alleviate pain, relieve pain caused by side effects of drugs, drug resistance and dependence;
2, Effective treat symptoms associated with cancer:intractable hiccups, frail, fatigue, poor appetite and sleep, to improve quality of life;
3, Alleviate the side effects caused by chemotherapy, enhance immunity, protect the patient peripheral blood;
4, Inflammation, swelling and promote radiation injury healing
5, Irradiation has an inhibitory and killing effect on the cancer cells, the
tumor burden decreased and pain will disappear, and change of blood rheological properties, strengthen the local tissue metabolism.

Technical parameters of millimeter wave therapy machine
Products name    millimeter wave device
Main Structure    consist of host, millimeter wave irradiation head, straps, power wire.
Indications    diabetes, cancer, tumor, prostate
Application    Hospital, clinics, home
Millimeter-wave wavelength    7.5mm-10mm
Operating frequency    33GHz ~ 39GHz
Output power density    4mW/cm2 ~ 9mW/cm2
Rated input power    <30VA
Power    AC110-240V  50Hz-60Hz
Ambient temperature    5 C ~ 40 C
Relative humidity     80%
Atmospheric pressure    860hPa ~ l060hPa
Anti-shock therapy device type    Class I
Application Part Type of protection    B-type
Packing size    41*17*18cm
Weight    6kg
Warranty    1 year and lifelong maintenance
Payment    western union,bank transfer,credit card,paypal
Shipment    DHL,Fedex,UPS,TNT,EMS
Delivery    Within 3 day after payment

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