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Touch screen hair analyzer

Touch screen hair analyzer
  • Touch screen hair analyzer
  • Touch screen hair analyzer
  • Touch screen hair analyzer

Model: QH-SK02
15inch touch screen
hair scalp analysis
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Product Detail

We use the latest hardware. High accurate, camera hardware multiplier is 200X.It can be directly adjusted. No need to replace the lens. Very Convenience, the software system is very powerful.
First, the system analysis the level of hair loss, measure the number of patients need to add hair, Our software will allow you mark the hair root number, and automatically calculate the density of hair. Meanwhile, the system has a measurement of hair diameter function, according to the diameter and density of hair, doctors could take the maximum range of the scalp to observe and analyze comprehensive report of all the results illustrated.
Digital presentation, can be very clear understanding of the true state of the analysis results, the system can also be based on the results recommend the appropriate hair product. So that customer could use the right hair Product and understand the real situation.

Main function For you:
1.Hair loss levels of sign;
2. The hair follicle density calculation;
3. The hair follicle disease
4. Sebaceous glands metabolism;
5. Sebaceous glands;
6. Allergic scalp;
7. Scalp toxins;
8. Hair damaged
9. Case library display
10, after treatment picture contrast before and after.

place of origin: Guangzhou, China
parameters: 5.0M pixel
Ratio 200 times polarized lens
OS: windows7
Input voltage: 220V, 50HZ
Output voltage: 12V. 6.5A
Screen: 15inch touch screen
Max resolution: 2560x1920

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