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8.0 mega pixel UV skin analyzer

8.0 mega pixel UV skin analyzer
  • 8.0 mega pixel UV skin analyzer
  • 8.0 mega pixel UV skin analyzer
  • 8.0 mega pixel UV skin analyzer

Model: QH-9100
8 items skin analysis
UV lens & RGB lens
8.0M pixel camera

Product Detail

* 8 mega pixel camera digital probe, the image is clear, the color is real
* The latest technology UV light imaging, 3D stereoscopic view of the future changes in the skin
* Skin surface, bottom, UV three functions freely convert
* With intelligent analysis software, automatic detection and analysis of skin problems
* Software can upload product information, easy to recommend to customers
* Can automatically generate skin analysis report and print function
Skin analyzer features:
* Analysis of the skin eight problems: color, moisture, oil, pores, 3D texture, the underlying, UV spots, sun and other skin problems
* Super clear image contrast, surface, bottom, UV triple ray professional analysis
* Comprehensive display skin problems, can print the report
* Perfect customer files, you can view the customer history test records
* More professional, more scientific, more intuitive and faster for customers to recommend the best skin care programs
* Product company, cosmetic chain, beauty salon, agent distribution --- the most powerful sales helper
* Compatible with windows xp, 2000, vista, windows 7,8,10 32-bit and 64-bit systems
Skin analyzer configuration
* Detection handle * 1
* Host base * 1
* 50 times the polarization lens * 1
* Lens cap * 1
* Analysis software * 1
* Skin control chart * 1
* Product Specifications * 1

Application areas:
1, beauty salon chain
2, cosmetics stores and counters
3, hair products manufacturer and research institute
4, hair loss hair care center
5, beauty salon care center
6, shampoo manufacturers
7, medicine diet Square
8, personal health management

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