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3 in 1 EMS pressotherapy machine

3 in 1 EMS pressotherapy machine
  • 3 in 1 EMS pressotherapy machine
  • 3 in 1 EMS pressotherapy machine
  • 3 in 1 EMS pressotherapy machine
  • 3 in 1 EMS pressotherapy machine

Model: QH-P003


far infrared heat

EMS stimulation

Product Detail

Pressotherapy therapy:
Pressotherapy is a technique for blood circulation enhancement, lymphatic massage and cellulite reduction.
It is provided by special equipment that comprises inflatable boots (or arm sleeves) that rhythmically inflate and deflate in order to pump lymph in the lymphatic vessels and blood in the veins of the legs (or arms) towards the heart.
It is also known as alternate compression therapy or pneumatic compression therapy.
It is a mechanised lymphatic drainage technique that fights water retention by applying intermittent compression on one or more parts of the body - typically the legs,stomach and arm

The air is automatically pumped into pneumatic chambers of the boot. The Machine can apply a pressure that reaches 100mmHg
or even 120mmHg.With this strong pressure ,the machine can automatically adapt the patient's blood pressure and help all parts of
body do the deep lymphatic drainage massage ,then enhance blood circulation . If you use a good anti-cellulite cream,it will add to the
results of the treatment.

Material for the suit : Waterproof , fireproof, PVC polyester fiber

Parameters for the suit :
Pressure for the suit 100mmHg - 120mmHg
Sizes for suit
Arm Waist Leg
32 75 50
Air chambers Arm Waist Leg
4 16 8

Far infrared therapy:
Far infrared therapy(35-80) provides two factors that are essential for good health: cellular detoxification and good circulation. The health
of the whole system depends on the movement of blood and energy throughout. Detoxification and good circulation result in adequate
exchange of nutrients into cells, reduced inflammation, loss of excess weight.

suit size (2).jpg

EMS Treatment
By creating electronic pulse to stimulate special points on the body, this kind of function can effectively regulate bio-electric and endocrine system and accelerate metabolism, reaching remarkable effect of weight losing and skin tightening.
The instrument is organically combined with frequency scan circuit and microcomputer system to create stimulant bioelectricity, and accurately holds the essentials of acupuncture of traditional Chinese medicine to make regular deep-seated actuation and massage so as to achieve expedite channels,regularize spirits, break over lymph cycle system, remove internal toxin,improve body microcirculation, promote metabolism, excite and redeploy body power against disease, so that the bulk of fat cells can be diminished and the skin can be tightened.This machine has 8 pairs of electric stimulation pads, which allows operating slimming and skin tightening to the whole body at the same time.


Benefits from 3 in 1 pressotherapy machine:
1. Cellulite reduction
2. Improving sluggish lymphatic drainage and venous return
3. enhance blood circulation
4. To have a soft and comfortable massage
5. Improving Blood vessel thrombosis
6.Preventing and improving varicose veins
7,Ease muscle pain
8, Help detoxification
9, Circulate blood

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