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Microcurrent electronic foot massage machine

Microcurrent electronic foot massage machine
  • Microcurrent electronic foot massage machine
  • Microcurrent electronic foot massage machine
  • Microcurrent electronic foot massage machine

model QH-fm01
micro-current stimulate
foot massage 
body stimulate

Product Detail

Features and principle of product
health protection instrument use the western biologic electroagnetic wave technology, and combine with Chinese venation theory, using character of body's each part can make out slender bioelectricity, and body point is biological electricitycontact point, Venation is the current transmission channel (Biologic electromagnetic waves). From the outside to join the low-frequency electromagnetic pulse to stimulate the body and used as a point, voltage is changed then spread to body and central nervous, forming stimulus. It can cure parts of body ' s disease with adjustment and physiotherapy.
The unique far infrared rays and other physical energy, a direct role in sole reflex zones, body's point and parts of disease, and then the energy transmitted to the whole body, activate various functions to modulate the physiological mechanisms, promote metabolism, improve blood circulation, dredge venation, and improve immunization efficacy.
Special allocation slimming waist belt can be excited waist neuromuscular tissue, stimulating fat accumulation parts, let you have a more healthy and beautiful at thewaist Enjoy a relaxed thin efficacy.

Efficacy of product
Electromagnetic pulse therapy is outside the scope of Chinese medicine, energy level high, so quickly get through venation, point, speed up blood stasis, swelling pain, strengthen muscles and balance the human biological field, enhancing humanmunity and self-repair ability, activating nerve cells and restoring transmission.

1. When using the massage impulse intensity should be adjusted according to user required, do not adjust to more strong or less, for fear of effect therapy result.
2. If your skin show the red macule, where the electrode stickers put, should decrease the impulse stimulating intensity or stop to use.
3. During massage, if you feel skin discomfort, feel ant crawling that is the normal reflexion. After stop using, the feel will disappear.
4. When using the electrode stickers, should pull off from the end of electrode wires pin, cannot pull the electrode wires directly, avoid the wires disconnecting.
5. When using slimming waist belt, ensure the center of electrode button for belt has attached the round insulation flake, avoid metal parts contact skin directly
6. Please ensure your massage skin neat and clean before use electrode stickers And insure your sole dry before feet massage.

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