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BIO 7 color LED light face neck beauty mask

BIO 7 color LED light face neck beauty mask
  • BIO 7 color LED light face neck beauty mask
  • BIO 7 color LED light face neck beauty mask
  • BIO 7 color LED light face neck beauty mask
  • BIO 7 color LED light face neck beauty mask

Model QH-L07
7 color LED light 
face mask, neck mask
BIO stimulation

Product Detail

Working principle
LED high-tech optical whitening beauty instrument uses the principle of photodynamic therapy, activation deep cell, and skin better metabolism. When the light is absorbed by the skin, Light energy is converted into intracellular energy, To relax and strengthen the micro blood vessels, and make the skin produce photochemical reaction-enzymatic reaction, Increasing the activity of catalase( Catalase )and superoxide dismutase(SOD)in cell, which assume the office of cell's"guard"and cleaner"Increase the cell energy source of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) decomp-osed The increase of glycogen and protein content thus promoting the cell and synthesis of The new supersedes the old.  To stimulate the secretion of basic fibroblast growth factor(Bfgand epidermal growth factor(EGF). The collagen fibers rearrange, blocking and eliminate melanin formation, Accelerate cell growth, speed up the blood circulation, stimulate the production of collagen protein, increase skin elasticity, Have an important effect on repair the aging skin, acne skin, fade spots, promote and tight, ease the sun burns and nursing.

Photon treatment of 7 colors of LED lamp
¢ The redlight(red)
The wavelength of 630nm, known as the "biological activity light  can improve the cell activity, To speed up the metabolism, and promote collagen formation at the same time, With whitening, shrink wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, improve skin condition repair damaged skin, shrink pores, skin firming anti-aging antioxidant efficacy.


¢The blue light(blue)
 Have effect on dispelling acne sores, bactericidal anti-inflammatory, repair the skin, no scar and pigment.


¢The green light (green)
To reduce skin oil secretion, balance the water and oil, Effectively relieve mental stress, dredge lvmph gland and drainage swelling


¢ The yellow light( yellow)
improve the exchange of oxygen to cells, supplementary energy to skin cells makes the pigment decomposition, promote lymphatic drainage, improve rough skin, wrinkles, treatment of skin redness fever, ring-worm, enhance immunity


¢ The purple light(purple)
It is red and blue light frequency It combines two kinds of photo therapy efficacy, especially has a particularly good effect and repair in the treatment of acne and remove acne scars


¢  The cyanine light
Can gradually enhance the cell energy, the metabolism has a very good role in promoting.


¢ The white light(white)
Penetrate the skin deep, accelerate the metabolism of the active tissue, break down the stain improve the fine lines and loose skin.

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