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5 in 1 hair regrowth laser machine

5 in 1 hair regrowth laser machine
  • 5 in 1 hair regrowth laser machine
  • 5 in 1 hair regrowth laser machine
  • 5 in 1 hair regrowth laser machine

Model QH-H03
5 in 1 hair care
hair regrowth
hair smooth

Product Detail

Diode laser (also called low-level laser) can penetrate the surface of the skin with no heating effect, no damage to the skin and no known negative side effects to accelerate hair growth and thickening of hair in the treated areas. Visible and monochromatic laser in mid-600nm range includes a temporary increase in skin blood flow with radiant exposures between 0.12 and 0.36 J/cm2. This increase in blood flow is crucial to promoting a healthy hair follicle. It brings the important nutrients into the follicle, like ATP, while taking away harmful waste products such as DHT. ATP increases cellular metabolism and cellular activity. The hair follicle now has the building blocks and energy to transform from a
weak follicle to one that is healthy and capable of producing beautiful, thick healthy hair.

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Accessories introduction:
1)Detection handle:
200 times hair lens

2)Oxygen Jet Spray gun:
Give scalp a deep moisturizing and increase water content of scalp; Promote skin cells regeneration, promote the healing of hair follicle holes, increase the oxygen in the scalp, activate hair follicles ; Promote the regeneration of the skin collagen and elastin, soothe sensitive, relieve swelling and inflammation of the scalp phenomenon; Supplement energy, improve microcirculation and scalp respiratory system, improve containing oxygen and the metabolism of hair follicles .

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3)High Frequency
High frequency electrotherapy instrument function is as follows: sterilization, treat hair follicle cavities and inflammation, promote the hair follicular scalp wound healing;   reduce and adjust the excessive secretion of sebum, promote metabolism; Promote lymph and blood circulation, improve the regeneration of hair follicle cells; Due to the current conduction electrode generated by the vibration, also have the
effect of calm and massage on the scalp.

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4)  BIO ionization activation instrument:
To improve the synthesis of collagen, strengthen the elasticity of the scalp. Tighten strengthen scalp muscle elasticity, clear toxin metabolism and entrapped liquid of scalp , eliminate fatigue, restore scalp health.

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5) Laser hair restoration:
Studies   have    shown   that   LLLT    stimulated   hair   growth    in   mice   subjected    to chemotherapy-induced  alopecia  and  also  in  alopecia  areata.  Controlled  clinical  trials demonstrated that LLLT  stimulated hair growth in  both men and women.  Among various mechanisms, the  main mechanism  is hypothesized to  be stimulation  of epidermal stem cells in the hair follicle bulge and shifting the follicles into anagen phase


Advantages of diode laser hair growth machine
Enhances your image and boosts your confidence.
Increases blood flow to the top of the scalp by up to 55% which in turn increases hair growth  in follicle still capable of producing hair.
Stop hair loss  in 85% of patients  regulates sebatious gland activity, for  people with overly dry or oily scalp.
Repair  damaged  hair  shafts  ,  increase   thickness  of  individual  hairs  by  up  25%  per   hair providing much thicker and fuller appearance.
Relieves itchy scalp conditions.
Decreases recovery time when used in conjunction with hair transplants.
Safe, effective and painless procedure.

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