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900N chiropratic impluse adjust machine

900N chiropratic impluse adjust machine
  • 900N chiropratic impluse adjust machine
  • 900N chiropratic impluse adjust machine
  • 900N chiropratic impluse adjust machine

Model QH-CH07
MAX force 900N
Large LED display
Continuous long hours of work

Product Detail

Name: Golden Expert chiropractic adjusting gun
Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
Maximum power: 1000W (hitting instantaneous power consumption reached the highest)
Rated input voltage: AC110-220V
Rated input current: 110V (10A) -220V (5A)
Hit Frequency: Slow (6Hz) / Medium (8Hz) / Fast (12Hz) / Pulse (16Hz)
From miniature plastic surgery, chiropractic to deep soft tissue release, can be competent, is a chiropractic, masseur, rehabilitation therapist, plastic surgery division, therapist, painkiller's right-hand man!

LCD adjustment parameters!
With frequency, AMCT, CHAOS, ESWT function!
Strength, frequency, speed, hit frequency adjustable!
LCD data adjustment information!
Built-in powerful cooling function!
Sustainable use!
Strength from 50 Newton to 900 Newton adjustable!
Twelve tips to adapt to different treatment needs!
You can think of, can adjust the transformation!

Use steps:
1. Power - plug in - blue light
2. Press the power button switch - red light -
3. Hold the tip of the gun - the green light is on
4. Trigger the trigger - flashing green light - at work
Note: The left and right sides of the machine is equipped with the same function keys, left and right hands can be alternately operated, adhering to the scientific and humane design concept! Make sure your job is faster and easier

Function keys:
1. Adjustable intensity 8 gears (STR + / STR-): 50N, 100N, 200N, 400N, 600N, 700N, 800N, 900N
2. Adjustable working mode 3 (MODE): AMCT (single cycle) / ESWT (continuous) / CHAOS (intelligent adjustment)
3. Adjustable frequency of 4 (Speed): Low / Middle / High / Pulse /
4. Adjustable number of hits 4 times (Times): 4,6,8,10 (AMCT mode only)
5 built-in dual-channel radiator
6. Function data LCD screen display
7. Twelve function conversion head (including the host gun head 12)
To help you better relieve fatigue in your work, what you think of is what we strive to achieve! Real expert

1 host 1 piece
2 keys 2
3 power cord 1
4. Aluminum crate 1
5 conversion head 11 (plus the original host a total of 12 gun head)

Specific use based on actual work needs to switch freely
1. Disc head: large muscle bundle
2. Flat head: refers to the gap between the seams
3. Finger pressure head: a single point deep
4. Cone head: medium muscle bundle
5. U-shaped head: the two sides of the spine
6. Small sunflower head: local muscle
7. Four leaves: both sides of the back
8. Small U-shaped head: strong vertebra on both sides
9. Large U-shaped head: both sides of the vertebra
10 sunflower head: a large bundle of muscle
11. Lotus leaves: large muscles

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