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4 bottles skin clean hydra facial machine

4 bottles skin clean hydra facial machine
  • 4 bottles skin clean hydra facial machine
  • 4 bottles skin clean hydra facial machine

Model QH-D05
small bubble therapy
4 in 1 aqua skin clean
skin rejuvenation

Product Detail

Small bubbles through the formation of a vacuum circuit, that is, water stripping technology, the micro-bubbles and nutrients fully integrated through a specially designed small spiral cleaner head directly on the skin, and can maintain the micro-bubbles for a long time Contact with the skin and promote the role of stripping; micro-bubbles and adsorption combined with no pain in the state, can clean the face, get rid of aging keratinocytes and blackheads, eliminate sebum, and thoroughly remove hair follicles pores of various impurities, mites And grease residues and so on. At the same time, the nutrient solution into the skin layer, so that the skin completely smooth absorption of nutrient solution moisture, hair follicles filled with nutrients to provide lasting skin nutrition, skin lubrication, delicate and shiny.

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Low-frequency electroporation principle, the use of hand-held devices to impose electrical pulses on the skin, resulting in high-intensity electric field effect, instantaneous increase in cell membrane permeability, the membrane phospholipid bilayer instantaneous micropores, nutrients in the product in the micropores Re-close directly into the dermis before the skin penetration rate of negative ions into the 10 to 27 times, while tightening effect, for some loose, fine lines with the skin played a very good effect.

Replenishment of oxygen: the use of high frequency micro-water molecules to break the loss of electrons into positive ions, and the surrounding air of oxygen molecules capture these electrons and become negative oxygen ions, high frequency atomization vibration decomposition of water molecules to form 0.28um nano spray Granules, strong penetrating ability, water replenishment can reach the basal layer of the skin, negative oxygen ions make you young. The use of pressure rejuvenation, water skin care, the nano-Essence through the air pressure equipment, the particle-shaped water droplets into the performance of the molecular weight of the role of the skin (5 ~ 200vm microns), from the design of the nozzle spray quickly essence Into the human skin base.

Product advantages
1. Thoroughly clean the skin of cosmetics residues, mites and other skin impurities, clear skin allergies.
2. Skin whitening, improve skin dull, dark yellow, improve skin texture.
3. According to the different effect with the nutritional liquid, the skin play a corresponding replenishment, nourishing, oxygen effect.
4 get rid of blackheads, improve skin relaxation, shrink pores, increase skin gloss transparency.
5. Anti-aging, anti-oxidation, firming, hydration, skin lightening, increase elasticity.

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