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5 in 1 hydra facial skim beauty machine

5 in 1 hydra facial skim beauty machine
  • 5 in 1 hydra facial skim beauty machine
  • 5 in 1 hydra facial skim beauty machine

Model: QH-D04
5 in 1 aqua skin machine
skin peel&lift

Product Detail

1-Introduction to the instrument

The world's first patented technology using micro-nano small bubble energy generating device, the use of high-frequency magnetic shock molecules collide principle, resulting in water molecules burst into high oxygen molecules, and then ultra-high frequency magnetic wave cutting, nano-water molecules , Resulting in negative ions, ultrasound, and high oxygen nano-water molecules. Quickly penetrate the skin pores, remove the body old skin, deep cleansing, increase the oxygen content of the skin and blood, there is to promote the body's blood circulation, activation of cell repair, delay skin aging function, lifting compact, wrinkle removal and other effects .

2. Product advantages
1) The instrument automatically clean disinfection system.
2) 5 kinds of eddy current probe, a large probe, a small probe.
3) 5.7-inch user-friendly LCD screen.
4) Can be equipped with a variety of unique high-level solution.

3. Instrument accessories
bubble pen: deep clean the skin, replenishment of the skin, oxygen, to blackheads

BIO microelectrode: Microelectronics simulates human brain microelectronics issued directly into the cells, the balance of cell membrane values, active cells, maintain normal cell metabolism and circulation, accelerate the skin's own water-locking capacity, protein synthesis and elastic fibers and collagen Fibrosis repair healing ability

ultrasound head: skin care products to accelerate the absorption of the skin, accelerate cell activation function, reduce the spots and wrinkles, relieve aging

RF head: positioning tissue heating, prompting subcutaneous collagen contraction tension, relieve wrinkles shallow or disappear, remodeling subcutaneous collagen morphology, resulting in new collagen, the skin becomes more compact after a treatment.

ice head: targeting tissue cold, effective contraction of the skin, lock the skin under the nutrients 

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