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Hot cold therapy skin lift machine

Hot cold therapy skin lift machine
  • Hot cold therapy skin lift machine
  • Hot cold therapy skin lift machine
  • Hot cold therapy skin lift machine
  • Hot cold therapy skin lift machine

Model QH-SC01
Hot cold therapy
fast result

Product Detail

Working principle:
Main three features mainly used as "DNA cell injection treatment" Korean Medical Beauty, now carry about 70 million more have applied SKIN COOL instrument, SKIN COOL available heating and cooling operation, while injecting essence, the skin cells to absorb product up to 80% penetration rate of 20 more multiples, SKIN COOL instrument has 9 large effect:
1 promote lymph circulation
2. Subtract expression lines, light bitter grain
3. Remove skin yellowish, to edema
4. minus double chin effectively eliminate dark circles, eye bags
5. pores, promote blood circulation
6. anti-wrinkle, lifting his eyes
7. Activate the collagen layer of the skin and promote skin cell regeneration
8. increase flexibility, enhance facial contours firmer
9. promote fat dissolution.

Prompt treatment operation
Electroporation + hot and cold medications:
1 Thermal injection + Electroporation: Heat injection + electroporation may receive more than 40000Dalton solution provisionally microporous membrane directly absorbed by the skin cells.

2 Frozen injection + Electroporation: -10 C°„freezer use function, so that the skin cells and locked and closed after absorption. : Note: It is best to do first heat + electroporation, do freeze injection + electroporation, so you can make into the skin of nutrients and moisture are well locked and pores effect.

Use -10 °ś frozen injection and cells were injected into the essence of the pulse frequency to be worn cell principle, an increase of 80% driven by product effectiveness, improve repair and improve skin problems
Very warm cell injection technique - using serum or cream injection Cells into effect, fade fine art, promote cell regeneration, increase skin absorption capacity;Penetration nutritional essence, stimulate cell activity, tighten loose skin Trophoblast cells, increase blood circulation and stimulate metabolism.

Very smoothing effect cold injection technology
Harmonie, soothing, close the pores, skin restructuring, calming effect,
Strengthen skin elasticity and improve skin rehabilitation capacity
Increase skin absorption capacity, maintain the skin moist and soft.
Pore bright nose law
bone collagen, increase flexibility. Pores close pores of coarse ground

Parties, such as the position of the nose next to the leisure side, in the course of a significant contraction ,Effect. The probe is close to the nose to nose forced outward circular motion, the entire operation was repeated three times.

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