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4 in 1 Needle Free Meso Therapy Instrument

4 in 1 Needle Free Meso Therapy Instrument
  • 4 in 1 Needle Free Meso Therapy Instrument
  • 4 in 1 Needle Free Meso Therapy Instrument
  • 4 in 1 Needle Free Meso Therapy Instrument

Model QH-M001
No needle meso
For eye& face skin

Product Detail

Operating principle£º
     No needle beauty plastic therapy can be replace needle beauty, with water electrophoresis plastic therapy,same technology and comprehensive in the active ingredient or nutrients needed directly transported to skin tissues, quickly absorbed by skin tissue from the surfaces, remarkable curative effect. Compared with the pure beauty products, no needle beauty of effective absorption rate plastic therapy greatly increased. Fundamental will solve all the skin facing skin membrane barrier and transdermal problem, this one achievement can make skin younger short-term inside can become reality, greatly shorten the duration,

1.The mesotherapy head: through strong vibration wave open cell wall forms facial pseudo perforation, facilitate product absorption.

2.Electrophoresis head: through water channel protein note permeability high -frequency waves have pay stimulate cell, cell friction heat generation, effective supplement the cell gap, activate the lazy cell, make dull skin ruddy luster, restore skin elasticity, smooth wrinkles, ascension, tightening.

3.Beautiful eye pen: through ion wave to stimulate the eye cells, solve the six problem. The eye Head: can blockade frozen water and nutrients, improve rough pore, facial allergy problems.

4. Frozen skin: product injection, for make nutritional not easy loss and volatile, with intelligent closed head do closed firming skin, shut off the shock hole, make the skin get nutrition in the most perfect consolidate. (half facial use time for five minutes)

Technical Parameter£º
2.Working Voltage: ¡Ü12V
3.Currency: ¡Ü2.08A
4.Power: ¡Ü25W
5.Bipolar Radio Frequency£º100-500KHz
6.Ultrasonic Rang£º0.3~0.5MHz
7.BIO Output: 20-60Hz

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