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BIO hot cold skin lift machine

BIO hot cold skin lift machine
  • BIO hot cold skin lift machine
  • BIO hot cold skin lift machine
  • BIO hot cold skin lift machine
  • BIO hot cold skin lift machine

Model QH-B809
BIO lift&magic gloves
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Product Detail

Principle of heating and cooling
Heating & cooling balance massage is recently a new worldwide technology and is popular in Europe, USA and Japan etc. Its principle is as follows: When human skin and capillary vessels are under the alternate function of heating and cooling, i.e. the function of ¡°expansion when heated and shrinkage when cooled¡±, the cells of human body will be stimulated and their vitality will be greatly strengthened, metabolism will be accelerated and blood circulation will also be quickened up so that the elasticity of blood vessels and human skin will be advanced and human skin will be smooth and dedicate and be full of vitality.

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Main functions
BIO has many magic functions such as facelift, ridding flecks, beautification, ridding fine furrows.
They are simply interpreted as follows:
1.It can effectively boost the damping capacity of human skin so as to improve the absorption capacity of human skin and make the cells have sufficient nutrients and age slowly and the elastic fibre of the cells not easily rupture and generate furrows.
2.It can promote blood circulation and lymph circulation, maintain normal functions of
metabolism, strengthen the blood vessel wall and improve expanding and tarnishing of blood vessels.
3.It can greatly stimulate the functions of cells, supplement human bioelectricity, protect the vitality of cells, speed up the metabolism of cells and get rid of black flecks.
4.It can constringe pores, get rid of aged cutin, restore normal structuring of ion in human cells and improve the skin which has problems.

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Aim of beautification:
1.Control acid reaction in blood, help blood restore subacidity, promote metabolism, activate cells so as to make people restore from fatigue and lower down aging.
2.Indicate the blood with subacidity according to the result, make the nerves conduct regularly and normally, promote the secretion of endocrine gland, make the reaction of nervus centralis and peripheral neuron more active.
3.Stimulate the activity of human scarfskin, make the capacity of molecules improve, make poisonous matters, peroxide and intercellular fluid circulate so as to improve metabolism.
4.Harmonize, maintain and improve the functions of apparatus, body fluid, tissue and system.
5.Maintain acid protecting film of human skin, purify the pipeline of hair follicle, shrink pores and muscles, reinforce the capacity of human skin to absorb nutrients, make cells rapidly be activated, make skin tender, damp and delicate and prevent aging and bad shaping of face.
6.Improve constitution and purify blood, break fat cells, make thermal energy burn in human body, just as the effect of pulling out muscles, so that the arrangement of muscles can be restored, body can be graceful and attractive.

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