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Breast enlargement machine

Vacuum Therapy breast enlargement Machine

Vacuum Therapy breast enlargement Machine
  • Vacuum Therapy breast enlargement Machine
  • Vacuum Therapy breast enlargement Machine

Model QH-B02
Vacuum Therapy
Breast enlargement
Lymphy drainage body massage

Product Detail

Vacuum therapy body shaping lymph drainage breast enlargement machine

Cupping therapy
Human viscera, organization, and limbs skeleton Contact in the meridian system of communication, running under the regulation presents, the overall activities appear unified and coordinated. Local and whole body surface and internal organs because of the meridian system of communication relationship is extremely close. On the one hand, local lesions can affect overall visceral lesions may reflect on the body surface. On the other hand, the local treatment role in the overall treatment of the surface can act on the internal organs, be unblocked Cupping therapy is to promote stimulating acupoints, skin, muscle, microvascular stasis of blood by suction cup vacuum sliding support pulling various parts of the body to a normal operation, accelerate blood circulation so that waste and toxins smooth exclude, to achieve cell activation in turn, makes the soreness of the neck and waist relieve adequate nutrition and oxygen, natural pores in the face can make skin cells shrink smaller, shiny skin moist, reduce or eliminate wrinkles, skincare effect. Abdomen and other parts can make the siltation fat phlegm excreted, achieving weight loss health purposes.

Breast enlargment therapy
Specially designed vacuum pump can enlarge breasts, without the pains and health risks arising from surgical. It is not a pushed-up or filled breast plumping bra or silicone implant. It can make your breasts beautiful and natural by the physiological cycle of females.
1.Vacuum pump can renew combinations by rhythmically inhaling fat particles and liquid into breasts, and decompose, enlarge and shape.
2.In the first half of physiological cycle (proliferative phase): the body hormone rises naturally, and galactophore and colloid proliferate, so large amount of fat substances is needed. The vacuum pump can increase local blood stream flux, inhale fat particles and various kinds of nutrition, fully meeting the needs for galactophore and colloid proliferation.
3.In the latter half of physiological cycle (recovery phase): the body hormone decreases, the proliferation volume of galactophore shrinks, and the breasts gets small and soft. At the moment, the vacuum pump can inhale the maximum fat and inherent liquid of breasts, keep the breasts plump and tight.
4.Through periodical benign cycle, the fat tissues can be provided with more nutrition to enhance absorption, smooth liquid circulation and lymph circulation system, providing more nutrition and making the breasts large and tight.
Breast enhancement cream richly contains pure plant essences (homoplastic female hormone), natural growth factors. Since small molecules have high-effect penetration, the high-effect penetration and absorption principle is adopted to regulate hormone secretion system and stimulate the galactophore upgrowth. It can provide nutrition, and also can enhance the accumulation of fat tissues and fat, extending galactophore to the plumpest and tightest condition.

Packing list:
Breast Enhancement Cup (Large)*2    
Breast Enhancement Cup (Medium)*2    
Breast Enhancement Cup (Small)*2    
Suction Cup (Large)*1    
Suction Cup (Medium)*1    
Suction Cup (Small)    *1    
Cupping therapy cup (Large)*1    
Cupping therapy cup (Medium)*1    
Cupping therapy cup (Small)*1    
Transparent Tee Tube*1    
Small straight tube*1    
Power Supply Cords*1    

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