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Magnetic resonance body health physiotherapy machine

Magnetic resonance body health physiotherapy machine
  • Magnetic resonance body health physiotherapy machine
  • Magnetic resonance body health physiotherapy machine
  • Magnetic resonance body health physiotherapy machine

Model: QH-HT18
Magnetic resonance heat therapy
Heating belt for belly
Physiotherapy body health machine

Product Detail

Technical principle
Heat therapy is widely used in many aspects such as leisure and health care activity, restorative convalesce and clinical treatment. Currently, the heat therapy instrument is to heat or radiate at the patient¡¯s body surface to achieve the effect of heat therapy (for example, far-infrared, hot-water bath and light wave), however, the depth of heat conduction is limited. MRCC provides a health conditioner with a high-frequency energy wave which can import the heat cycle from acupuncture points of the plantar, produce high-frequency oscillating electric field energy by high-frequency generating circuit, and utilize the capacitive polarization formed by human body at high frequency, and thus achieving polarized oscillating heat effect, activating cells, generating heat cycle and promoting the physical and therapeutic effect of blood circulation.

It has a conditioning effect to the following symptoms
1 Varicose vein      2 Carotid artery stenosis
3 Obesity                 4 Cervical polyp
5 Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease
6 Sub-health symptoms: Weak health, Pain in the back and waist, mental fatigue
7 High blood pressure, hyperlipemia, hyperglycemia, lithic acid and gout.
8 Common cold, rhinitis, arteritis,
pericarditis, scleritis and lymphangitis
9 Old bone injury and lumbar disc herniation
10 Palace cold, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, appendicitis, cervicitis, colpitis, hysteromyoma and endometritis
11 Arthritis and scapulohumeral periarthritis
12 Sequela of cerebral hemorrhage and sequela of apoplexy
13 Neurasthenia and poor sleep
14 Hepatomegaly and neuropathy
15 Skin aging cracking, refractory skin diseases (caused by the lack of immunity)
16 Numbness of hands and feet, migraine
17 Prostatitis, hyperplasia of prostate gland, frequent nocturnal urine
18 Auxiliary conditioning for breast cancer, liver cancer and laryngocarcinoma
19 Hemorrhoids    
20 Sequela of severe soft

tissue sprainSpecifications
Service voltage: AC 110v--240v/50Hz--60Hz
Output power:<530W
Output frequency: 500KHz
Size of host device: 38*37*16cm
Size of foot plate: 44*36*8cm
Total weight of host device and foot plate:16.6kg

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