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New arrive non-contact forhead infrared thermometer

New arrive non-contact forhead infrared thermometer
  • New arrive non-contact forhead infrared thermometer
  • New arrive non-contact forhead infrared thermometer
  • New arrive non-contact forhead infrared thermometer
  • New arrive non-contact forhead infrared thermometer
  • New arrive non-contact forhead infrared thermometer

1 Multiple purposes
2 Portable for easy handling
3 Safe and healthy
4 Access to multiple memory values
5 Fever warning

Product Detail

This product is a non-contact remote infrared electronic thermometer that professionally measures the temperature of the human body. It is easy to use, not only has the display backlight reading function, but also has mode selection, memory reading, time display, automatic shutdown and other functions. The normal temperature under the armpit is on average 36-37 degrees, the oral cavity temperature is 0.2-0.4 degrees higher, the rectal and anal temperature is 0.2-0.5
degrees higher than the oral cavity, and the human body temperature is relatively stable. The body temperature of normal people fluctuates slightly within 24 hours. The difference is not more than 1 degree. Under physiological conditions, breakfast is slightly lower, afternoon is slightly higher, exercise, eating, woman's temperature before menstruation or pregnancy is slightly higher, and the elderly body temperature is higher, the body temperature is higher than normal temperature is called fever, 37.5-38 The degree is low fever, 38-39 is moderate fever, 39-40 degrees is high fever (high fever), and above 40 degrees is super high fever. (Reminder) The temperature of the forehead is lower than the temperature of the armpit (0.2-0.5 ).  The temperature measured by this infrared thermometer should be increased (0.2-0.5 ). Since the temperature of an infants skin varies with surrounding temperature to some extent, please dont
take the temperature of a baby when she is get feeding or soon after that. Be sure to read the instruction manual before using this product and retain it well for future reference.

2. 1 Multiple purposes
This non-contact infrared thermometer can be applied to the forehead. The forehead temperature range is from 32 C through 42.5 C (89.6-108.5 F).
 2.2 Portable for easy handling
•Distinctive ergonomic design make it easy to use.
• It imposes no negative effect on your daily life if you use it to take the forehead temperature of your sleeping baby.
•For children, this product is more comfortable than anal thermometer, easier than mouth thermometer, and more flexible than those mono-mode infrared thermometer.
2.3 Safe and healthy
• There is no risk of broken glass or swallowing mercury inside the traditional thermometer.
• It absolutely secure to be used on children.
2.4 Access to multiple memory values
User can enable the Memory mode to access to multiple memory values, so as to track the temperature changes effectively

2.5 Fever warning
This machine can set the warning temperature, when the measured reading exceeds the set value, it can give an alarm.
3. Major parts of the product
This product consists of shell, temperature sensor, control circuit, LCD display, (optional LED backlight) and buzzer.
4. Basic principle behind product
In nature any object of which the temperature is higher than the absolute O degree (-273 C) will radiate infrared ray, and the energy of the infrared ray will increase as the temperature rises .Based o such correlation, people can calculate the temperature value of an object as the intensity of infrared ray from it has been accurately measured

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