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SL-008 Portable 40k cavitation body slimming machine

SL-008 Portable 40k cavitation body slimming machine
  • SL-008 Portable 40k cavitation body slimming machine
  • SL-008 Portable 40k cavitation body slimming machine


Portable slimming machine 

40k cavitation 

Weight loss

Product Detail

Portable EMS massager 40k cavitation body slimming machine 50W

* 40K cavitation + Micro current + LED red light



Product Description

1. 40K cavitation

40KHZ fat head using the 40000HZ sound wave emitted by the strong sound wave of fat-burning head,when entering the hunman body,the fat cells of the human body can produce a strong impact,which can effectively consume heat,water and fat cell blasting,thereby reducing the fat cells.Achieve the effect of removing fat.

main effect : 

a. systemic or local diet;

b. increase the body's metabolic rate, strengthen the body get rid of waste and moisture;

c. repair stretch marks;

d. relax muscles, relieve muscle spasms, relieve muscle pain;

e. hand tighten the wall, feet, thighs, hips, waist back, abdominal muscles, re-shaping type;

f. effectively improve the buttocks and thighs orange peel-like skin, while solving postpartum abdomen Relaxed problem.

2. Low frequency micro current treatment ( EMS )

Low frequency treatment technology can mimic the actual feeling of back massage, manipulation, and acupuncture to regulate the channels and promote blood circulation. Therefore it can be used as an analgesic and can also increase A.T.P values. ATP is one of the chemicals in the human body that provides heat to muscles and the body.

3. Phototherapy

Light therapy technology is a new LED-based technology that can be used to treat different skin diseases such as acne, photoaging(light injury),non-melanoma skin cancer, skin rejuvenation, and healing wounds after surgery.

Red light has certain functions in the treatment of acne, with penetration and anti-inflammatory functions. Red light has better curing effect, inflammatory skin damage, and exposes the skin to red light.



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