3 in 1 quantum therapy resonance magnetic analyzer

This quantum therapy resonance magnetic analyzer is with three functions:

quantum body sub health analysis + blood oxygen analysis + heart rate detect.

What is the Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer?
Quantum magnetic resonance analyzer is related to the high-tech innovation projects of medicine, bioinformatics, electronic engineering, and multidisciplinary. A quantum medicine as the theoretical basis, the use of state-of-the-art electronic equipment collected weak magnetic field of human cells for scientific analysis to make the analysis and judgment of the subject’s health status and major issues, and the proposed specification prevention recommended. Quantum magnetic resonance analyzer is the body of a full range of health care consulting and cutting-edge health sciences individualized Guide has a comprehensive, non-invasive, practical, simple, fast, economic, easy to popularize the characteristics and advantages, with the deepening of research work and make a greater contribution to the development of the cause of human health will have broad prospects for the development and application.

46 reports for each gender, 11 reports for children, a total of 53 reports

1.Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular   2.Gastrointestinal Function  3.Large Intestine Function
4.Liver Function  5.Gallbladder Function    6.Pancreatic Function
7.Kidney Function  8.Lung Function   9.Brain Nerve
10.Bone Disease  11.Bone Mineral Density   12.Rheumatoid Bone Disease
13.Bone Growth Index  14.Blood Sugar   15.Trace Element
16.Vitamin    17.Amino Acid   18.Coenzyme
19.Essential Fatty Acid  20.Endocrine System   21.Immune System
22.Thyroid   23.Human Toxin   24.Heavy Metal
25.Basic Physical Quality   26.Allergy   27.Obesity
28.Skin    29.Eye     30.Collagen   31.Channels and collaterals   32.Pulse of heart and brain
33.Blood lipids  34.Gynecology(female)   35.Breast(female)   36.Menstrual cycle(female)
37.Female Hormone (female)   38.Prostate (male)   39.Male Sexual Function (male)
40.Sperm and semen(male)  41.Male Hormone(male)   42.Human Immunity
43.Human Consciousness Level  44.Respiratory Function   45.Lecithin    46.Fatty acid
47.Element of Human  48.Expert analysis Report  49.Hand analysis Report
50.Comprehensive Report Card  51.ADHD (child)   52.Adolescent intelligence (child)
53.Adolescent growth index(child)

Software language:

English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Hungarian language, Bulgarian language, Vietnamese language, Malaysian Malay, Indonesian, Thai, Portuguese, Slovak language, Czech language, Turkish language.