900N chiropractic impulse activator adjusting gun

Working principle:
Utilizing the principle of muscle resonance to deeply strike and vibrate deep muscle tissue, thereby accelerating blood circulation, alleviating pain, and accelerating recovery after injury.
Its high-frequency oscillation effect can penetrate deep skeletal muscles, making them instantly relax, and the meridians, nerves, and blood vessels are instantly unobstructed. It is a powerful helper for rehabilitation therapists, pain therapists, massage therapists, beauticians, healthcare professionals, and other related professionals!
Replace and liberate the hands of masseurs, allowing them to work in a relaxed state, avoiding the expansion of professional phalangeal joints caused by long-term fatigue, reducing fatigue and increasing work efficiency. At the same time, effectively avoiding skin contact between masseurs’ hands and patients’ skin, and avoiding contact skin diseases;

Force setting: Press the “Efforts to +” button, you can change the force: 1=100N、2=200N、3=300N、4=400N、5=500N、6=600N、7=700N、8=800N、9=900N.
Press the “Efforts to -” button “, to reduce the force.
Three working Model: Press the “frequency + ” button, you can change the working model frequency: Slow, Medium,Fast.
Press the “frequency – ” button, to reduce the working model frequency.

1.Cervical syndrome: headache, dizziness, insomnia, limited neck mobility, neck pain, arm numbness, neck ovement disorder.
2.Thoracic syndrome: back pain, shortness of breath, poor appetite, gastrointestinal disorders.
3.Lumbar syndrome: acute and chronic low back pain, lumbar disc herniation, legs and feet numb.
4.Pelvic syndrome: sacroiliac joint subluxation, sciatica, toe feet.
5.Scoliosis: the prevention of regressive lesions of the conventional spine health.