Darkfield live blood analysis microscope machine

This instrument consists of a high-end reinforced optical microscope, a high-resolution color biological camera (CCD), a computer (including data acquisition cards, color atlas CDs, color displays, etc.), and leading system software in China.

Features of a drop of blood detector:
1. Small size, easy to move and carry.
2. The main components are imported components, which ensure more stable and reliable operation.
3. The instrument operation is extremely simple, easy for users to learn and master, and maintenance is simple.
4. powerful functions, easy and fast case inquiry.
It can be connected to devices such as televisions, computers, projectors, etc., making it convenient for consultation, teaching, and demonstration.

You only need one drop of blood from the tip of the subject’s little thumb, and you can see your own blood picture and standard comparison chart on the spot, and determine whether you are healthy or not. The range of blood samples tested is wide, involving over 100 diseases.