Portable pico picosecond laser tattoo removal machine

Principles of picosecond:
Picosure Picosecond Laser Spot Removal is based on the theory of selective photothermal effect and uses its powerful instantaneous power to directly vaporize and grind the spots, and then remove the spots through the lymphatic tissue without affecting the surrounding normal tissue. Generally speaking, there is no rebound, but laser removal of freckles has a certain degree of selectivity.

Freckle Removal with Picosure can produce lasers in different wavelengths, mainly for black and brown pigments and spots. It combines light and pigments to degrade them. When the pigments are gradually absorbed by the body, the color of the spots will change. Then he disappeared. The whole operation takes only tens of minutes, without bleeding, without surgery, and the effect of removing freckles can be seen after the operation. It is currently the most effective method for removing freckles.

As the pigment is gradually absorbed by the body, the skin color also becomes lighter. Under normal conditions such as freckles, zygomatic moles, liver spots, Ota’s maternal spots, age spots, sun spots can be treated with a laser. Tattoos and eyebrows can also be removed with a laser.

Main parameters:
1. Power: 1200W;
2. Laser output mode: pulse Q-switch mode;
3. Laser working wavelength: 1064nm; 755nm; 532nm,1320nm
4. Laser output frequency: 1-10 Hz;
5. Maximum output energy of a single pulse: 1064 nm (50-1600 mJ); 755mm (40-1200mJ); 532 nm (20-600 mJ);
6. Eye hazard distance: NOHD is 100 m. Hazardous to eyes in closed operating room. Wear safety glasses!
7. Cooling method: Wind cooling and water cooling;