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What is the quantum magnetic resonance analyzer?
Quantum magnetic resonance analyzer is related to the high-tech innovation projects of medicine, bioinformatics, electronic engineering, and multidisciplinary. A quantum medicine as the theoretical basis, the use of state-of-the-art electronic equipment collected weak magnetic field of human cells for scientific analysis to make the analysis and judgment of the subject’s health status and major issues, and the proposed specification prevention recommended. Quantum magnetic resonance analyzer is the body of a full range of health care consulting and cutting-edge health sciences individualized Guide has a comprehensive, non-invasive, practical, simple, fast, economic, easy to popularize the characteristics and advantages, with the deepening of research work and make a greater contribution to the development of the cause of human health will have broad prospects for the development and application. Fast, accurate and non-invasive Speed and accuracy btain an understanding of your health within minutes via specific electromagnetic wave signals. By simply holding the sensor in the palm of your hand.

Therapy treatment function:
1, activation of cell: acidification of body fluids, cell viability will be gradually reduced, leading to the emergence of various human diseases and pathological condition occurs. Physical Therapy under the conduction of electric current, can be sub-health and sick cells active, normal charging, restore health.
2, live normal: every cell in the human body is a little, and when the body of sub-health status or disease, on behalf of the electricity situation will change. In Physical Therapy conduction, and then mobilize the body’s bio-electric effect to to customers, through cell membrane to normal cells live.
3, Acidic body: In the conduction of electric current, according to the principle of opposite charges attract, the positively charged extracellular increase in the excess acid anion attract out, out of the body through the blood circulation, discharge of acidic waste, correct acidity role of physical fitness.

Quantum analyzer software language options:
English, Spanish, French, German, Korean ,Polish , Portuguese, Romanian, Malay , Dutch, Czech, Indonesian, Slovak, Japanese, Chinese , Italian, Russian, Serbian, Thai, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Italian, Turkish.