18D gr metatron meta hunter 4025 nls body health analyzer

Detection principle:
The 18D NLS nonlinear light wave resonance scanner is based on the wave particle duality principle produced by the elementary particle of quantum mechanical materials, designed a photon emission device, which forms resonance with the energy waves emitted by the human body’s bio electromagnetic field, thus measuring the changes of the human body’s weak bio electromagnetic field.
The 18D NLS nonlinear analysis system is a kind of photon coseismic equipment, which can emit light wave energy of small amplitude and form coseisms with the energy waves emitted from the bioelectromagnetic sites of human organs, tissues, cells and molecules.
The NLS (non linear system) system can preset the bioelectronic activity state of human cells, and use this as the background value to send the physiological or pathological information wave from the response of the coseism back to the NLS host. After computer analysis and interpretation, it presents the real-time functional state of gene base pairs, DNA spiral structure, cells, tissues, organs and the whole body

Product advantages:
Detection process: The light waves and sonar of the detection equipment scan the entire body organs of the human body, and there is no harm to the human body.
Fast detection process: each item is detected in less than 1 minute
Accuracy: Up to 95% accuracy
Early discovery: when the function of human organ changes, it can predict the development trend of their diseases, which is of great help to human preventive medicine.

Application: Hospitals, beauty salons, health clubs, anti-aging and sub health conditioning institutions, and other testing institutions