2023 new 808nm ipl diode laser hair removal machine

How it works:
808nm diode laser hair removal is accomplished when destroying the hair follicular unit by the thermal damage of laser fluency and thus inhibiting future hair regrowth by the follicle. The widely optional pulse duration (50 to 1000ms) of 808nm diode laser system can produce thermal damage in hair matrix stem cells and ensure follicular destruction. In order to minimize the uncomfortable of thermal damage to surrounding skin cells, an efficient skin–cooling system ( Sapphire contact cooling tip) is used to chill the skin before, during and after the hair removal treatment. Therefore, 808diode laser is more effective for hair removal in patients with dark skin.

Features :
Painless: Large-area bald head allows each operation to dispose of 100-150 hairs (depending on location). Because the body built-in seal circulating water-cooled system, in the hair removal process can be adjusted according to the skin condition at any time, so can shorten processing time.Make sure the skin temperature does not rise excessively and cause pain.

Safety: The Renaissance Xenon light source is different from a single laser beam. High-permeable wavelength bands, damage to the subcutaneous hair follicle, hair removal effect is more significant, but also inhibit the harmful ultraviolet rays.

High efficiency: The use of concentrated and high-power beam, improve the light efficiency. The strong pulsed light technology with soft visual light and near-infrared 550nm-1200nm length is adopted, and a new and better technique is used to embody the stability of the laser diode light source. Any color, thickness or depth of hair, including light and white, can be treated effectively. Trial customers more extensive, timely efficacy more obvious, long-term effect more lasting.

1:All kind of hair removal on body (hair on face, around lip area, beard, underarm, hair on arms, legs, breast and bikini area)
2:laser skin rejuvenation