3 in 1 ionic foot spa life detox machine

The work theory of the ionic detox footbath
The ionic detox footbath process is an amazing cleansing method for detoxifying your entire body by bathing your feet in warm water while using positive and negative ions from an ion generator—the array. The process is also known as electrolysis. The array element is the actual ion generator device that sits down into the water and creates the ion charge and flow within that solution. It attaches to the power supply, which controls the array element ion flow and change.

Colors and Particles in Water
Even if not bath the feet in water, the water also will change color because there is the dirt and chemical substances in water which can induce color change. Our body has 70% water which is absolutely necessary in life. The toxin produced from our body is very similar as from water.

Every area, such as bad arthritis, bladder. Suggestion is to test muscle after cleaning feet. The metal wastage of the electrode plate will crease the metal substances in water. More and more experience and observes can help to identify where the toxin mainly is from. The stronger energy of the mineral in water will produce the more activate of Ionic Detox Foot Bath. If you see many black spots, 20%-40% of which are impacted by local water quality, other 60%-80% are toxins from the body.
But when bathing feet, the dirt and toxin from water will not adhere to the container or edges of the electrode plate. The toxin from the body will form mucus supernatant that can be cleaned by the bleaching water or cleanser.

The bamboo carbon far infrared waistband
Biological light that can promote health
According to the life scientific research of developing rapidly in recent years, find the wavelength lies between far infrared ray and biological bearing close relation of 4- 1 microns . Form the cells of the biological organism, the principal ingredients are water and macromolecule, so it is all certain attractive to make up among molecule and molecule, atom and atom of cells, in order to reach mutual equilibrium combine, and like between the balls with the double hit of spring. And it is (such as flexible, corner, twists) to move each other with a certain fixed frequency, show the vigor of the biological life. When the movement frequency among molecule , atom that frequency and cell of the far infrared ray form is identical , energy will be absorbed by organism cells immediately , cause and shake the sympathetic response together, increase the vibrations in the molecule, activate and organize cells, accelerate the enzyme vigor and supply of the nutrient , promote the metabolism and health.

What is TENS
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a therapy that uses electrical current delivered through electrodes to the skin for pain relief. Electrical stimulation of the nerves may encourage the body to produce natural painkillers called endorphins, which may block the perception of pain.
TENS is done with a small, battery-powered machine about the size of a pocket radio. Usually two electrodes, wires that conduct electrical current, are connected from the machine to the skin. The electrodes are often placed on the area of pain or at a pressure point, creating a circuit of electrical impulses that travels along nerve fibers.
The machine can be set for different wavelength frequency, such as a steady flow of electrical current or a burst of electrical current, and for intensity of electrical current. These settings are usually determined by your physical therapist or doctor.
After an introduction to and instruction in this therapy, TENS can be done at home.

What is TENS used for
TENS is used to relieve pain for several different types of illnesses and conditions. It is used most often to treat muscle, joint, or bone problems that occur with illnesses such as osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia, or for conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, tendinitis, or bursitis. TENS has also been used to treat sudden (acute) pain, such as labor pain, and long-lasting (chronic) pain, such as cancer pain.
Although TENS may help relieve pain for some people, its effectiveness has not been proven, and it is not considered to be a long-term solution to pain.