3 in 1 hydrogen water detox ion foot bath spa machine

Product Introduction:

In advocating science and technology innovation in society, science and technology have penetrated into all areas of life. When more and more people start to accept this way of bathing. Austrian health company in the magical power of the truth is full of hydrogen inside the information, which has many years of experience in electrolysis of water hydrogen technology, after two years of successful hydrogen molecules, ion exchange, moxibustion, DDS imitation earthquake Four major technology set for the development of a — hydrogen molecules bubble bath. It is based on the warm water bath SPA into the modern cutting-edge hydrogen biological effects and several other major technology, long-term use can be easily achieved after all-round health purposes!

Product Specifications:
1. Product appearance inheritance Europe and the United States simple design style, light and compact, easy to operate
2. Low-voltage DC constant current power supply, 30V safety voltage, absolute safety
3. Desktop product design body, just find a basin for water bathing, pouring, cleaning more convenient
4. Water basin can be set disposable plastic bags to meet the high standards of hygiene requirements
5. Equipped with far infrared belt and DDS BIO body massage and pain relief.
6. Seven-inch LCD touch display, high-end luxury.

Input voltage: AC220V\110V、50Hz\60Hz
Output voltage: 5-30V
Maximum power: 150W
Bathing Water volume: 8-10L
Hydrogen concentration in water: 300PPB-800PPB
(ORP) Oxidation-Reduction Potential value: -400mv-700mv

Packing List:
Main Machine: 1pc
Hydrogen Generator: 1pc
F.I.R Belt:1pc
BIO pads: 1pir
Power Cord: 1pc
User Manual: 1pc