High quality aura chakra 12D nls body health analyzer

12D NLS is a device that displays and measures oscillation of frequencies from 1.4 t0 5.0 giga-hertz.
The signals are sent to the cerebral cortex via the infrared technology, it now travels the cerebral cortex to be picked up and amplified by magnetic conductors within the device. This signal is sent back through a special trigger sensor within the NLS box, which must be transferred now to digital sequence by a microprocessor within the 12D NLS and than communicated to your computer. It is then processed into non-linear stems analysis (NLS). All data is recorded and compared to “normal” Etalons of the base information to compare for the Pathology of its client and shows as a magnetically signal or bio resonance.

12D nls body health analyzer language: English, Germany, Janpanese, Russian

The 12D -NLS device has essential advantages in comparison with traditional methods of medical diagnostic, such as ultrasonic inspection, the X-Ray and computer tomography and differs from them in many respects. The NLS-analysis, is viewed against nuclear magnetic resonance and a computer tomography, and does not demand fields of high tension. The method is a perspective for studying a metabolism; in particular at a picture to the greatest degree, this approach is for pathoanatomical frequencies. This circumstance, when used alongside, with harmlessness, promotes rapid development of a method of NLS-analysis.
The device can be used for a frequency rating of a damage area of a brain after a trauma for patients /clients who are without consciousness or for detection of initial changes in an organism of a person infected with a HIV or other dis-eases, which may cause additional body stress.
The application of the “12D -NLS” device is not connected to damaging radiation and other harmful
influences on an organism so it is safe to use.