Portable Chinese meridian acupunture body health analyzer

Microcomputer treatment detectors are after many years plenty of clinical validation, screening, and according to traditional Chinese medical science compatibility developed by a new type of health care instrument, opened a natural therapy precedent. The human body each living cells may record the comprehensive one phase of the human body health records, there are ” A slight move in one part may affect the situation as a whole” adjustment mechanism.

Microcomputer treatment detectors are according to physics, biology electrical, traditional Chinese medicine meridian subject principle combined with a large number of clinical practice adopted the modern microelectronics technology research and development of new detection health care treatment high-quality goods.

This instrument is high-tech therapy, it direct role in human body, through the human body meridian system, and then reach the whole body and systemic adjustment and treatment effect, its not only alternative needle foreman, tapping, massage, and cupping jar, the massage, such as traditional Chinese medicine treatment of scrapping many kinds technique, still can stimulate the human body acupuncture point of immune regulation, unique function, curative effect is distinct, is the modern science and technology and the perfect combination of traditional Chinese medicine.

Microcomputer treatment with human body go through meridian subject detectors for theoretical basis, the latest painless detection technology detect different parts of the body, and health through treatment can stimulate the meridian context, stimulate the frost human’s energy, promote the blood circulation, improve body of the nervous system, and can also cause the body to “Junk” to get fast metabolism, achieve detection and treatment, the enhancement organism immunity ability and prevention and control of all kinds of disease effect.

You know, to learn Chinese medicine need five years, but with the instruments for only half a day. The instrument application range, easy to use, the blind can operate, and have ” Simple, convenient, cheap, diagnosis, treatment “characteristics, and the unique three characteristics:

1.Human nature: Treatment of blunt force, just look soft, analgesic effect at an amazing speed.
2.High-tech: Through the low frequency wave or high frequency wave treatment, slide easily complete treatment process.
3.Modern: Don’t remember multifarious points, when treatment,which pain stick which, simple operation effective stick

Prediction and treatment of diseases efficacy:

It can advance predict pathological area, early treatment of disease have been of great benefit to patients, not only can receive few illnesses, also can reduce the economic burden, after the initial diagnosis take a positive attitude, still not expand disease control in the bud. This product is easy to treat, and can save medical costs, reduce pain, analgesic effect of 95%, in the visiting a predictive accuracy of 90%.