Portable professional hair scalp analyzer machine

The hair scanner connects directly through a USB adapter to a PC allowing on-the-fly recording of a customer’s hair
condition. the hair scanner shows follicular property and frequent pathological change such as pore obstruction,
overactive secretion of sebum etc. that you are unable to see with the naked eye or other lenses/magnifying systems.
This hair scanner is the perfect tool to visually communicate the condition of a customer’s hair, scalp.


* Nice appearance and innovative design
* LED illuminator around lens
* Imported lens with plated layer
* 5.0 Mega pixels high resolution CCD sensor
* Special DSP image processor, Optical Image Stabilizer
* Single capture button and digital pause capture.
* Adjustable focus to give clear image.
* Auto white balance and contrast adjustment, Color Temperature Filter
* Dual image compare function* Compatible with iris lens, hair lens and skin lens.
* Deliver clear and accurate images.
* Easy to operate.
* Maximum resolution: 2560×1920
* OS: Windows 7/8/10/11

1. Main body *1pc
2. Handset *1pc
3. 200X Hair Lens *1pc
4. Aluminum Box *1pc
5. 1.5 Meter USB Line *1pc
6. Lens protective cover *1pc