Wrinkle removal lifting eye care rf skin tightening lifting machine

RF radiofrequency mesotherapy is to promote the use of monopolar radio frequency skin deep heating technology, when through the subcutaneous tissue, affects the organization with a huge in electronic produce dichotomous electronic mobile “of biological reaction, make each other collision, rotating electronic distortion, produce biological heat energy, thus promote subcutaneous group quickly heating up, through the human body to high temperature from the function, stimulating the collagen fiber contraction, prompting collagen emerge, filling the gap and atrophy loss, rearranging and rebuild skin soft stents, realize firming skin, heal the wrinkles and recover the flexibility and burnish effect.

It can be used on the eye, face, skin lift of the neck, winkles removal, promotion, compact courses, and chest lifting, slimming body, carry up buttock, sculpture curve courses, etc.