12D high intensity focused ultrasound hifu face lift machine

The instrument utilizes an ultra-micro pulsed ultrasonic system to switch the bidirectional instantaneous energy of the transverse linear acoustic pulse and the annular acoustic wave. The single machine realizes the combination of point, line, and surface technology, achieving a full mode of 360 ° perfect seamless, full-layer anti-aging, multi-layer lifting and tightening, with precise, comfortable, fast, and lasting effects.
In MP mode, the microsecond energy transmission mode has smaller and denser focus points than other instruments, higher security, comfortable experience, shorter recovery period, more uniform and more efficient point distribution.

The handle energy effect more accurately transmits energy to the target skin tissue layer, producing a thermal effect. Without damaging the surrounding tissues, it tightens the fascia, activates the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers, achieving an anti aging effect of tightening and lifting, promoting collagen regeneration, and improving skin texture.