2023 Newest facial emsculpt slim ems pe face lift machine

What is PE-Face?

PE-Face magnetic face is a revolution in facial care. lt is changing the way our face grows old with a new non-surgical facial peeling therapy.
PE-Face magnetic face synchronous heat energy reshapes and smoothes the skin by heating the dermis and increasing the level of collagen and elastin fibers. High pulse technology restores and im- proves the support of facial tissue by selectively contracting muscles and increasing the density and quality of muscle structure. lt can reduce wrinkles on the face, and naturally enhance and tighten the face.
The simultaneous use of two powerful patented technologies, namely, heat energy and high pulse, can tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, improve the face, turn back the time and make the face look young

Benefits of PE-Face

1.Non-invasive and non-surgical plastic surgery
2.Needle-free and non-invasive
3.No fillers and toxins
4.New experience and comfortable feeling
5.Reduce wrinkles
6.Lift loose skinwrinkles
7.Thin face shaping
8.Increase collagen and elastin
9.Simple 20 minutes care
10.No manual operation required

Course of treatment:
One PEFACE treatment is 20 minutes. The number of treatments required depends on the desired effect, skin condition and muscle tension. After the first treatment, most users will feel their face pulled. The best effect will be seen within two to four weeks after the last treatment, and will continue to improve in a few weeks.

How long do the effects of PEFACE last?
Generally speaking, PEFACE treatment is performed once every 3-5 days for a period of four weeks, and the effect can be maintained for 6-9 months. For best results, a course of PEFACE every 2-3 months may be required to maintain good results. For users with more severe facial sagging, more sessions of PEFACE, for example 6 sessions, may be required for optimal results.