u225 mesogun mesotherapy injection gun machine

Mesotherapy gun principle:
The mesotherapy gun is controlled by the computer, and uses the fixed layer, quantitative, ultra micro penetration and use the ultra micro penetration technology to accurately deliver various cell energy agents and nutrients to the skin Mesoderm point-to-point, directly acting on cells and various tissues, so that the skin tissue can quickly absorb.

Advantages of meso injection gun:
1. Significant therapeutic effect and immediate effect during operation.
2. Fast speed: The needle can retract and retract independently to avoid pain from the user.
3. High precision: The injection speed and frequency are completely controlled by a microcomputer.
4. Good stability: automatic pressure regulating syringe, electronic control of depth and injection dosage.
5. Safety: It will not cause trauma to the user and will not affect their normal life and work.