2 in 1 music spa salon use ion cleanse detox foot bath machine

This machine can be used for two persons at the same time.

It can do foot ionic spa detox + music two functions,  client can listen music relex when do detox.

*Enhances the Immune System
*Improves Menmory and Sleep
*Improves Sexual Health
*Provides Internal Cleansing with Full Body Purge
*Provides Liver Detoxification
*Provides Liver,Kidney and Parasitic Cleaning
*Allows the Purging of Heavy Metals
*Significantly Reduces Pain
*Increases Energy and Reduces Stress
*Contributes Significantly to Reduction of Wrinkles,Acne and other Skin Problems Reduces water retention

The human body is electric because the body cells are electric. Disorders and diseases of the body have vibration frequencies that are incompatible with healthy cells. Thus they disrupt the cells` natural oscillation and polarity. This disruption creates imbalance and chaos within each affected cell. When cells are in an imbalanced state, they are unable to facilitate the body`s normal functions needed for healing, including ridding itself of heavy metals, parasites and other toxins. On the other hand, when cells are fully charged up to an electrically balanced state, they help the body to regulate itself. As a result, we will a healthy and energetic feeling.