8.0 mega pixel skin beauty facial care detection skin analyzer

This system is a kind of multi-functional equipment with beautiful interface and all-sided utility functions. It comprises five analysis modules which are available to analyze the changes of skin moisture, oil, spot, pore and skin age (also called skin resilience and flexibility). To our big surprise, all skin images can be converted into 3D skin images through real 3D reduction technology. In addition, the images can be analyzed from arbitrary angles. The comprehensive report with excellent text and pictures present all test results to clients in the form of percentages. In this way, the clients can understand the analysis results and status of real skin clearly. Also to choose corresponding product to go with the test results is allowed. Meanwhile, you can promote the new products in background.

Software analysis systems:  Water / Pigment / oil/ Elasticity / pore / Acne /texture/ redness/ Analysis report. 


*Adopting high definition 8.0 megapixel sensors imported from South Korea
*Adopting professional digital high-definition image processing chips imported from South Korea
*The lens adopts LED full spectrum natural light and a combination of coated lenses
*Electronic control LED cold light source
*Automatic white balance, automatic fill, color temperature filter
*With single key micro control and digital freeze frame function
*Equipped with intelligent hair management software, it can save customer files and information images
*With freeze frame function, image comparison can be performed after shooting
*Accurately and quickly display the condition of (hair)
*Supports 30X iris, 50XP skin, and 200X hair lens
*Easy to operate and fast