5mp multi languages iridology camera eye iriscope

Iris detector is a professional instrument used to detect changes in the iris. It has small size, clear images, and is easy to carry. The instrument detects current and potential diseases in the human body by observing the iris of the eyes.

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The instrument has two shooting modes:
Method 1: Self inspection
A portable iris diagnostic device that can be connected to a TV or computer. When observing oneself, keep your eyes wide open and look straight at the screen. Move up, down, left, and right until it is very clear, and then press the freeze frame on the handle to analyze.
Method 2: Assist in inspection
The examiner can stand behind the examinee and guide them to use self examination methods to record some signs observed on the iris, such as the depth of color, the shape of reaction points, and phenomena such as dots, lines, and concave holes. From this, we can learn about the health status of the subject.

When detecting the iris, it is necessary to have the other person sit upright and look straight ahead at a fixed point. First, look at the iris of the right eye, then at the iris of the left eye. Overall, observe the size, density, color, and surrounding iris tissue structure of the iris pupil.
It is best for both parties to conduct inspection and analysis in a relaxed state.