All in one touch screen 3D diacom nls body health analyzer

3D nls touch screen system :

14 inch screen, 4G memory, 90G hard drive, supports wireless internet access, and can install English and Spanish windows systems.

3D nls analyzer introduction:

All living things are composed of various molecules, and molecules are composed of elementary particle. Elementary particle move in the form of waves. In this process, electric energy and magnetic field will be generated. Therefore, organisms themselves possess magnetic fields, which form a vortex like structure called the Vortex magnetic field. And every organ and cell in the body, due to the magnetic field formed by the molecular energy, also has its own vibration spectrum. Under the interaction of magnetic fields between cells, there will be specific resonance spectrum characteristics, which are the ways in which cells interact with each other and exchange information.
3DCELL-NLS nonlinear analysis system is a kind of photon resonance equipment, which can emit light wave energy of small amplitude, resonate with the energy wave emitted by the biological magnetic field of human organs, tissues and cell molecules, preset the bioelectrical activity state of brain neurons, and use this as the background activity to transmit the physiological or pathological information wave from the resonance response back to the host, After being interpreted by the nonlinear analysis system, it presents a timely functional state of cells, tissues, organs, and the whole body.

Compared to traditional diagnostic methods, 3DCELL has the following advantages:
1. 3DCELL is non-invasive and will not cause any discomfort.
2. Non voltage and current stimulation, no contact with skin, no use of developer, no radiation damage, no need to take off clothes, no waiting, no fasting, and no side effects.
3. It only takes 30 minutes to complete 16 main 3D simulated tomography scans of the whole body, which can quickly analyze and evaluate health status.
4. It can detect changes in cellular tissue including 12 systems in the human body
5. Complete 100000 scanning points at the speed of light.
6. Fusion spectral resonance analysis, quantum resonance analysis, and audio resonance analysis.
7. Evaluate the methods needed to prevent unhealthy situations and correct imbalances.
8. Test the impact of different foods/protective products on the body

Three major functions of 3D-CELL
1、 3D-nls body detection function
It can quickly scan and detect 12 systems, 256 organs, and 120000 collection points throughout the body. Users can see firsthand the development trend of their own health status in the next 3-5 years.
2、 3D nls item analysis function
It can analyze whether food, products, and other items are effective or harmful to the human body, thereby mediating the balance of life state.
3、 3D nls instrument repair function
It has energy and spectral functions, and has good auxiliary therapeutic effects for the early or not yet formed stages of the disease, especially for pain points.