Dermabrasion rejuvenation hydro facial hydrafacial smart ice blue machine

1.1 Product overview
The intelligent ice blue skin management system (hereinafter referred to as “this product “) is to collect facial skin detail images through 10 million pixel high-definition micro-range camera combined with three-spectral imaging technology, through intelligent diagnosis and analysis of artificial intelligence core engine ,8 dimension fine items to detect skin problems, and according to the diagnosis results of private customized beauty care program and intelligent recommendation of professional skin care products; Combined with the techniques of” ultrasonic shovel knife “,” bubble “,” nano atomization “,” ultrasonic wave “,” gold radio frequency “,” ice repair “and so on, the six high configuration beauty functions comprehensively manage the skin, combine the results of AI skin diagnosis with skin care products and other skin care items, and develop a multi-functional integrated equipment for skin detection and management.

1.2 Product characteristics
1) multi-function integration: this product sets skin detection, custom beauty program, product push; basic beauty care, cuticle cuticle cleaning, deep cleaning, deep hydration and nourishing, anti-aging maintenance, sedation and repair functions in one one machine multi-energy, market demand is large.
2)High comfort: the handle appearance design conforms to the human body engineering mechanics principle, the material skin friendly feeling is strong, the body feeling is comfortable.
3) function principle: the core principle of this product is 3 spectrum sampling, AI intelligent skin measurement, push of intelligent products, customization of AI beauty scheme; six nursing functions :” ultrasonic shovel knife “,” atmospheric bubble “,” nano atomization “,” ultrasonic “,” gold radio frequency “,” ice repair “.
4) Simple operation: AI intelligent analysis, convenient operation, easy to use, no surgery, no broken skin, strong safety

1.3 Technical parameters
Vacuum range: 700 mmHg
Output control: Touch screen & handle switch
Gold RF: Rapid response multipole (energy level 10 regulation)
Electrophoresis: 1MHZ( energy 1 level 0)
Ultrasonic ultrasound: 1MHZ( energy 1 level 0)
Frozen head: Water cooling & air cooling (energy level 10 regulation)
High-frequency scalpel: 25KHZ( energy level 10 regulation)
Ion Shotgun: mmHg 2000
Interface: 10.1 inch computer touch screen
Input voltage: 110-240 V 50-60HZ 150AV