Best price bioplasm 9D nls body health analyzer

9D nls analyzer working principle:

The 9d micronucleus magnetic resonance scanner can preset the bioelectrical activity status of brain neurons, use this as the background activity, and send the physiological or pathological information waves returned by resonance back to the 9D-MRA (9D-NLS) host computer. After being interpreted by the 9D-MRA (9D-NLS) nonlinear analysis system, cells, tissues Timely functional status of organs and the whole body.

1. Powerful detection function: non-invasive detection of human cells, analysis of sub health of the body, up to 280 detection items are popular in all parts of the body, very. Single or multiple items can be selected for testing
2. Fast detection speed: Detected using fault spectrum scanning, each item can be detected in just 3 seconds. The system analyzes sub health results, and 256 tests can be completed in just 15 minutes. The detection speed is fast and efficient.
3. Humanized sensing function: When the earphone sensor detection button is activated, if the earphone sensor is not properly worn or removed, it will automatically stop working, and after correction, it will automatically resume working to ensure the effectiveness of the earphone sensing device.
4. The device software is equipped with a U key encryption lock to protect the security of the detection system and keep confidential customer information from being accessed. Can install multiple languages, the software is not affected by antivirus software, and the detection system has strong stability.
5. Enhanced repair capability: capable of batch spectrum repair of all detection items with one click, continuous work, reduced operation times, and time saving.

9D touch screen bioplasm nls analyzer software language: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian.

9D Nls Bioplasm Health Analyzer Three Functions:

1.Current analysis: Allows you to further view the analysis of the specific, scanned organism/organ

2.Body health treatment:
– Reprinter: Enables recording of any preparation, into homeopathic form, from the etalon directory on a matrix (water, alcohol, sugar, or paraffin.)
-Meta therapy treatment: 9D nls analyzer can transfer health wave to body in order to adjust organ energy and repair the unnormal organ.

3.VegetoTest: The use of the mode of internal vegetative resonance interpretation in which the preparation is picked out from the etalon directory. This allows an interpretation of a product of any kind by using a frequency comparison to the client.