Large size body health quantum resonance magnetic analyzer

Large box size body health quantum resonance magnetic analyzer

machine size : 35*27*15cm 2.5kg

What is Quantum Resonant Magnetic Analyzer?

The Quantum Resonant Magnetic Analyzer is a Hi-tech innovation project, which is related to medical, bioinformatics, electronic engineering, etc. It is based on quantum medical, and scientifically analyzes the human cell’s weak magnetic field collected by advanced electronic device. The analyzer can work out the customer’s health situation and main problem. According to the checking result, the analyzer can figure out the reasonable treatment recommendation. The quantum resonant magnetic analyzer is the individualized guide of comprehensive healthy consulting and updated healthy sciences, and its characteristics and advantages are comprehensive, non-invasive, practical, simple, quick, economical and easy to popularize. With the deep research and scientific development, the analyzer will make great contributions to human health project, and it has broad developing and applying prospect.

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